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Dover Marine is NH’s fishing headquarters. We sell equipment for all types of fishing including freshwater, saltwater, icefishing and fly-fishing. We pride ourselves on carrying all the right stuff for each type of fishing, and having a very “fishy” friendly staff to provide any information or tips you might need (don’t mind the smell). The range of fishing opportunities in our area are too vast to list but a few popular ones are bluefin tuna, cod and haddock, land-locked salmon, and largemouth bass. We have everything you need for any of these plus just about any other type of fishing you’re into. A large selection of rods, reels, lures and terminal tackle is at your disposal for whichever specific need you might have. We also have seasonal selections such as icefishing, fly-tying, commercial tuna fishing, steelhead fishing, and hunting. Of course we don’t carry everything but can get you just about anything, ussually within 5 to 10 days so try us for special orders. Whether you’re a novice, a pro or just a fisherman you can count on finding the products and information you need at Dover Marine.


CAMO TreeStands Muzzleloaders

1500 sq feet of Fishing Supplies

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